Asia Insulin Market- analysis and Forecast (2017 - 2022)

Changing lifestyles, rapid urbanization and cheap calories in the form of processed foods are putting more and more people at risk of developing Type-2 diabetes in Asia. Despite having a lower body weight, Asians are more likely than Caucasians to have diabetes. Diabetes is a rapidly growing health challenge among Asians and Pacific Islanders majorly associated with Life style changes.

China is leading the world, with the disease now affecting more than 98 million people or about 10% of the population - a dramatic increase from about 1% in 1980. India is closely trailing China, with an estimated 65.1 million diabetics.

This report analyzes the market in terms of types of insulin such as fast acting and basal insulin, and also in terms of delivery devices such as insulin pens, insulin syringes, and insulin pumps. All these segments have been witnessing significantly high growth due to the increasing technological advancements, and the increasing incidence of diabetes in the Asian Population.

The major countries considered in this Asian market report include China, Japan, India, and Rest of the Asia.

1. Introduction

2. Market Defenition

3. Market Drivers

4. Market Restraints

5. North American Therapuetic Insulin Market

5.1 Overview

5.2 Innovations in insulin

5.3 Global Insulin market

5.4 Types of Therapuetic insulin By Mode of action

5.4.1 Fast Acting Insulin analog

5.4.2 Slow Acting (basal) insulin analog

5.4.3 Long-acting injected insulin

5.5 Insulin Delivery Techology

5.5.1 Syringes

5.5.2 Pens

5.5.3 Pumps

5.5.4 Inhalers

5.5.5 Pills

6. Regional Insulin Market ( Market size, Forecast and CAGR)

6.1 Asia Pacific Market for Insulin ( Market size, Forecast and CAGR)

6.2 Overivew

6.2.1 China

6.2.2 India

6.2.3 Japan

6.2.4 Australia

6.2.5 Rest of Asia

7. Competitive Landscape in the Asia-Pacific Region

8. Future Of the Insulin Market

9. Key Players in the Market

9.1 Biocon

9.2 Wockhardt

9.3 Piramal Lifesciences

9.4 SciGen

10. Appendiix

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