Global Data Center Networks Market - By Data Center Network (Fat tree DCN, Three tier DCN, Dcell), Products (Ethernet Switches, Application Delivery Controllers, Routers, Storage Area Network, Network Security Equipment, WAN Optimization Appliance), Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast - (2017 - 2

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The Global Data Center Networks market is valued at USD XX.XX billion in 2016 and is expected to reach a value of USD XX.XX billion by the end of 2022, growing at a projected CAGR of XX.XX% during the forecast period of 2017 ? 2022. Data Center Networks have a very significant role in an organisation as they connect all the data center resources together in order to interlink the servers. Increasing number of Data Center Networks are being deployed to meet the increasing demand of cloud computing. Smooth working of data centers helps businesses to improve their employee's potency, increase revenue and reduce operational cost.

Driven by the factors like increasing demand for powerful Ethernet switches, storage area network components, businesses shifting their focus towards cloud computing and several others, On the other hand, growth in end user devices such as smartphones are putting pressure on the Data Center Networks. Most of the Data Center Networks are old device-centric security models which make them vulnerable to new evolving threats. These factors can restrict the growth of the Data Center Market. To counter these challenges major manufacturers have shifted their focus to make more advanced, simpler and secure data center network solutions.

Trends such as virtualization, cloud computing have major influences on Data Center Networks. Need for high speed interfaces are increasing rapidly. Virtual Switches which utilizes faster links has eliminated the use of physical switches. Ethernet Switches are expected to see the largest growth primarily because of the adoption of more advanced 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 GbE data center switching platforms and adoption of Fiber channels will drive the growth of Storage Area Network components. The applications of Data Center Network are now much broad and distributed and are more flexible in their usage as they utilize compute and storage resources. The Asia Pacific region is expected to hold the largest market share in global market in the forecast period.

The global Data Center Market is segmented on the basis of data center network types which are Fat Tree DCN, Three-tier DCN and Dcell and others. On the basis of DCN Products the market is segmented into Ethernet Switches, Application Delivery Controllers, Routers, SAN, and Network Security Equipement. On the basis of Verticals, the market is segmented into Government, Healthcare, Entertainment industry and others. End users segment the global market into Telecommunication services providers, Cloud services provider and others and on the basis of Geography, the market is segmented into seven major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Others and Rest of the World.

The key players of the global Data Center Network market are Microsoft Corporation, CISCO, Alcatel-Lucent, Dell, Intel, IBM Corporation, Extreme Networks, Fujitsu, Brocade and others.

1. Introduction

1.1 Description

1.2 Research Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview

3.1 Current Market Scenario

3.2 Application of Data Center Networking technologies

3.3 Factors driving the market

3.4 Factors restraining the marketing

3.5 Opportunities

3.6 Technology Snapshot

3.7 Porter's Five Forces

3.7.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

3.7.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers

3.7.3 Threat of New Entrants

3.7.4 Threat of Substitute Products and Services

3.7.5 Competitive Rivalry within the Industry

4. Data Center Network Market Forecast - By Data Center Network type

4.1 Fat tree DCN

4.2 Three-tier DCN

4.3 Dcell

4.4 Others

5. Data Center Network Market Forecast - By Products

5.1 Ethernet Switches

5.2 Application Delivery Controllers

5.3 Routers

5.4 Storage Area Network

5.5 Network Security Equipment

5.6 WAN Optimization Appliance

6. Data Center Network Market - By Verticals

6.1 Government

6.2 Healthcare

6.3 Entertainment Industry

6.4 Banking

6.5 Education

6.6 Others

7. Data Center Network Market Forecast - By End Users

7.1 Telecommunication Services providers

7.2 Cloud Service Providers

7.3 Businesses

7.4 Others

8. Data Center Network Market Forecast - By Geography

8.1 North America

8.1.1 Introduction

8.1.2 United States

8.1.3 Canada

8.1.4 Others

8.2 Europe

8.2.1 Introduction

8.2.2 Germany

8.2.3 United Kingdom

8.2.4 France

8.2.5 Others

8.3 Asia Pacific

8.3.1 Introduction

8.3.2 China

8.3.3 Japan

8.3.4 India

8.3.5 Others

8.4 Rest of the World

9. Competitive Analysis

9.1 Vendor Market Share

9.2 Strategies of major players

9.3 Product Benchmarking

10. Company Profiles (Company Overview, Major Products, Financials, Recent Developments)

10.1 Microsoft Corporation

10.2 CISCO

10.3 Alcatel-Lucent

10.4 Dell

10.5 Intel

10.6 IBM Corporation

10.7 Extreme Networks

10.8 Fujitsu

10.9 Brocade

10.10 Vmware

10.11 NEC

10.12 Juniper Networks

10.13 Hitachi Data Systems

10.14 EMC Corporation

10.15 Equinix

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