Global Electrosurgical Devices Growth, Trends & Forecasts (2017 - 2022)

The Global market for Electrosurgical devices is poised to reach $XX million by the end of 2020 growing at a CAGR of XX%. Electrosurgical devices are used for surgical cutting or control bleeding by causing coagulation at the surgical site. They deliver high frequency electrical currents and voltages through an active electrode, causing desiccation or charring of the target tissue. With the changes in the medical field in the last decade, a larger percentage of surgical procedures are moving out of the traditional operating room into Doctors offices and clinics. The areas of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Urology and Veterinary Areas are just a few that require the use of electro surgery. Although electro surgery has been in use for over 80 years, opportunities for tissue cutting and coagulation performance improvement to achieve better clinical outcomes have been recognized by surgeons. Specifically, surgeons have expressed interest in improved technologies that can cut and coagulate tissue faster and more effectively, with minimal thermal and electrical spread, and reduced interference with intra-operative monitoring equipment.

Currently North America dominates the global market. This can attributed to the increase in the technological advances in this field. Asia Pacific has the highest growth rate and is expected to overtake Europe in the future. The Global Electrosurgical devices market can be segmented on the basis of Product (Bipolar systems, Pencils, Electrodes, Laparoscopic instruments, patient return electrodes, suction coagulators, bipolar forceps, argon systems, smoke evacuation accessories ), Applications (Cardiac Surgery, Colorectal surgery, Dermatological surgery, ENT surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, gynecological surgery, lung & respiratory care, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic, urology and weight loss), Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and RoW).


Rapid technological advances, product innovations, improved quality of patient life and increase in the demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures are the factors driving the growth of the market.


Lack of skilled labor, product recalls and potential side effects due to operation of electrosurgical devices are the challenges faced by the market.

What the report offers

Market Definition for the specified topic along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.

Market analysis for the Global Electrosurgical Devices Market, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.

1. Introduction

1.1 Report Description

1.2 Research Methodology

2. Key Findings

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Market Segmentation

4.2 Market Drivers

4.2.1 Increase in the demand for minimally invasive procedures

4.2.2 Rapid Technological advances

4.2.3 Increasing incidences of aging populations

4.2.4 Product Innovations

4.2.5 Improved patient quality of life

4.3 Market Restraints

4.3.1 Lack of skilled labor

4.3.2 Potential side effects due to operation of electrosurgical devices

4.3.3 Product recalls

5. Global Market Segmentation

5.1 BY Type of Product

5.1.1 Bipolar Systems

5.1.2 Electrosurgical Pencils

5.1.3 Electrosurgical Electrodes

5.1.4 Laproscopic Instruments

5.1.5 Patient Return Electrodes

5.1.6 Suction Coagulators

5.1.7 Bipolar Forceps

5.1.8 Accessories

5.1.9 Argon Systems

5.1.10 Smoke Evacuation Accessories

5.1.11 Others

5.2 Applications

5.2.1 Cardiac Surgery

5.2.2 Colorectal Surgery

5.2.3 Dermatalogical Surgery

5.2.4 ENT Surgery

5.2.5 Gastrointestinal Surgery

5.2.6 Gynecologic Surgery

5.2.7 Lung & Respiratory Surgery

5.2.8 Neurosurgery

5.2.9 Opthalmology

5.2.10 Orthopedic

5.2.11 Urology

5.2.12 Weight Loss

5.2.13 Others

5.3 By Geography

5.3.1 North America US Canada Mexico

5.3.2 Europe UK Germany France Spain Italy Rest of Europe

5.3.3 Asia Pacific China Japan India South Korea Rest of Asia Pacific

5.3.4 Rest of the World

6. Competitive Landscape

6.1 Mergers & Acquisitions

6.2 Agreements, Collaborations & Partnerships

6.3 New Product Launches

6.4 Recommendations to new market players

7. Company Profiles

7.1 Abbott Laboratories

7.2 Arthro Care Corporation

7.3 Arthrex

7.4 Biomet

7.5 Boston Scientific Corporation

7.6 Covidien

7.7 Given Imaging Ltd

7.8 Intutive Surgical

7.9 Johnson & Johnson

7.10 Karl Storz GMBH

7.11 Mako Surgical Corporation

7.12 Medtronic

7.13 Nova Tract Surgical

7.14 Omniguide Surgical

7.15 REMA Medcintechmniik GmbH

7.16 Smith & Nephew Plc

7.17 Stryker Corporation

7.18 Surgical Innovations Group Plc

7.19 Teleflex

7.20 Zimmer holdings

8. Appendix

8.1 Abbreviations

8.2 Sources

8.3 Bibliography

8.4 Disclaimer

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