Global Holographic TV Market - By Technology (Touchable Holographic, Electro Holographic, Pistons Holographic, Plasma Holographic),Product (3D Holographic TV, 2D Holographic TV, Holographic Projector TV, Holographic LED Projector TV), Applications, Geography, Trends, Forecast - (2017 - 2022)

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The Global Holographic TV market is valued at USD XX.XX billion in 2016 and is expected to reach a value of USD XX.XX billion by the end of 2022, growing at a projected CAGR of 27.34% during the forecast period of 2017 ? 2022. Hologram' term is used for both the resulting image and the encoded material. It is a physical structure that diffracts light into an image. A holographic image visualizes by looking into an illuminated holographic print or by shining a laser through a hologram and the image is projected on to a screen. It is a method by which a 3D image of any entity can be stored and reproduced using diffraction, or interference, laser of light.

The United States leads the global market for industrial applications of holography followed by Europe and Japan. Major factor driving the growth of the holographic TV market is increasing demand for advanced holographic displays. On the other hand due to less effective projection under sunlight, holographic TV market is facing low acceptance. The technology is being adopted for specialized applications in the production of automobiles and aircrafts, telecommunications, television, computing and designing.

The Global holographic TV market is categorized on the basis of technology, product, and application. On the basis of technology market is segmented as Touchable Holographic, Pistons Holographic, Semi-transparent/electro Holographic, laser/Plasma Holographic, and other. Further, market is divided according to products such as 3D Holographic TV, 2D Holographic TV, Holographic Projector TV, Holographic LED Projector TV, and other.

Numerous products are available in the holographic TV market such as Holographic LED Projector TV, Holographic Projector TV, 3D /2D Holographic TV, and others.

The holographic TV market is competitive with some of the key participants being Qualcomm Incorporated, Musion Das Hologram LTD., Provision Holding, INC., Holoxica Limited, and others.

1. Introduction

1.1 Key Findings

1.2 Research Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Insights

3.1 Market Overview

3.2 Factors Driving the Market

3.2.1 Rising Demand for Advanced Holographic Displays and Microscopes

3.2.2 Increasing Usage in Medical Imaging

3.3 Factors Restraining the Market

3.3.1 Due to Less Effective Projection Under Sunlight

3.4 Industry Value Chain Analysis

3.5 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's Five Forces

3.5.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

3.5.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers

3.5.3 Threat of New Entrants

3.5.4 Threat of Substitute Products or Services

3.5.5 Competitive Rivalry among Existing Competitors

3.6 Current Opportunities in Market

4. Holographic TV Market- By Technology

4.1 Touchable Holographic

4.2 Semi-transparent/electro Holographic

4.3 Pistons Holographic

4.4 laser/Plasma Holographic

4.5 Others

5. Holographic TV Market - By Product

5.1 3D Holographic TV

5.2 2D Holographic TV

5.3 Holographic Projector TV

5.4 Holographic LED Projector TV

5.5 Others

6. Holographic TV Market- By Applications

6.1 Consumer

6.2 Commercial

6.3 Aerospace and Defense

6.4 Healthcare

6.5 Others

7. Global Holographic TV Market by Region

7.1 North America

7.2 Europe

7.3 Asia Pacific

7.4 Latin America

7.5 Middle East and Africa

8. Holographic TV MarketMarket Share

9. Competitive Intelligence and Profiles of Global Holographic TV Market Vendors

9.1 Zebra Imaging

9.1.1 Overview

9.1.2 Major Products and Services

9.1.3 Financials

9.1.4 Recent Developments

9.2 Viewsonic Corporation

9.2.1 Overview

9.2.2 Major Products and Services

9.2.3 Financials

9.2.4 Recent Developments

9.3 Realview Imaging LTD.

9.3.1 Overview

9.3.2 Major Products and Services

9.3.3 Financials

9.3.4 Recent Developments

9.4 Provision Holding, INC.

9.4.1 Overview

9.4.2 Major Products and Services

9.4.3 Financials

9.4.4 Recent Developments

9.5 Qualcomm Incorporated

9.5.1 Overview

9.5.2 Major Products and Services

9.5.3 Financials

9.5.4 Recent Developments

9.6 Musion Das Hologram LTD.

9.6.1 Overview

9.6.2 Major Products and Services

9.6.3 Financials

9.6.4 Recent Developments

9.7 Konica Minolta, INC.

9.7.1 Overview

9.7.2 Major Products and Services

9.7.3 Financials

9.7.4 Recent Developments

9.8 Holoxica Limited

9.8.1 Overview

9.8.2 Major Products and Services

9.8.3 Financials

9.8.4 Recent Developments

9.9 Eon Reality

9.9.1 Overview

9.9.2 Major Products and Services

9.9.3 Financials

9.9.4 Recent Developments

9.10 Av Concepts

9.10.1 Overview

9.10.2 Major Products and Services

9.10.3 Financials

9.10.4 Recent Developments

10. Investment Analysis

10.1 Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

10.2 Investor Outlook

11. Future of Global Holographic TV Market

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