North America Medical simulation Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2017 - 2022)

The North America healthcare/medical simulation market is broadly segmented into products and services. The market was valued at $312 million in 2012 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 20.72 % in the forecast period to reach $852.6 million by 2019. The major driving force for the market are Increasing healthcare costs, Continuous innovation in technology, and increasing demand for noninvasive technologies. While major constraint for the market are Increasing cost of medical simulators, Economic slowdown, and limited funds issued by the government.

The market is divided based on Type of products(Software, Human Patient Simulators, Interventional simulation, Task traines/ Low fidelity, Anciliary products, Imaging simulation, Simulation education, Simulated Clinical Enviornments), based on geography into US, Canada, Mexico.

The Americas form the largest regional market for medical simulation, Europe closely follows the America in terms of huge growth and increasing population of aged people. Asian countries such as India, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore are likely to provide a growing market due to their increasing per capita income and emerging economy.

Prominent players in this market are CAE Healthcare (Canada), Simulaids (U.S.), Gaumard (U.S.), Limbs and Things (U.K.), Education Management Solutions (U.S.).

What makes our report unique?

1) A wide and in depth analysis of the market trends and future forecasts based on the type of products .

2) We provide longest possible market segmentation based on products and geography. We give you the competitive landscape of major players in the market and market share based on the products, and recent developments.

3) We give you the profiles of key players including company profile, Financial overview, Business strategy and developments in the market to keep pace with the changing market.


1.1 North America Simulation Market Overview



3.1 Comparative Analysis

3.2 Product benchmarking

3.3 Patent bench marking


4.1 Market Segmentation, By Products

4.1.1 Software - Behavior analysis software - Management software

4.1.2 Human Patient Simulators Human Pediatric Surgical Obstetrics

4.1.3 Interventional simulation - Endovascular simulators - Surgical simulators - Cardiovascular simulators - Ultrasound simulators - IV simulators - Others

4.1.4 Task traines/ Low fidelity Mid-Fidelity Full Body Manikins - Low-Fidelity Limbs

4.1.5 Anciliary products Patient monitors - Ventilators - Thermometers - Masks - Others

4.1.6 Imaging simulation - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Ultrasound Imaging - Positron Emission Tomography - Computed Tomography (CT)

4.1.7 Simulation education Custom Consulting - Vendor Based Training - Laerdal Sun - CAE Healthcare HPSN - Educational Societies - Others

4.1.8 Simulated Clinical Enviornments Live environments Virtual environments - Second life - Serious games

4.2 Market segmentation, By Application

4.2.1 Academics

4.2.2 Hospitals

4.2.3 Military

4.2.4 Others

4.3 Market Segmentation, By geography

4.3.1 North America US Canada


5.1 Introduction

5.2 New product launches

5.3 Market strategies

5.4 Agreements, Partnerships & expansion

5.5 Mergers and Acquisitions

5.6 Market Share Analysis


6.1 B Scientific Gmbh

6.1.1 Company overview

6.1.2 Financial overview

6.1.3 Product portfolio

6.1.4 Business strategies

6.1.5 Recent developments

6.2 Anesoft Corporation

6.2.1 Company overview

6.2.2 Financial overview

6.2.3 Product portfolio

6.2.4 Business strategies

6.2.5 Recent developments

6.3 Anomalous Medical

6.3.1 Company overview

6.3.2 Financial overview

6.3.3 Product portfolio

6.3.4 Business strategies

6.3.5 Recent developments

6.4 Biodigital Systems, Llc

6.4.1 Company overview

6.4.2 Financial overview

6.4.3 Product portfolio

6.4.4 Business strategies

6.4.5 Recent developments

6.5 B-Line Medical, Llc (Subsidiary Ofatellis, Inc. )

6.5.1 Company overview

6.5.2 Financial overview

6.5.3 Product portfolio

6.5.4 Business strategies

6.5.5 Recent developments

6.6 CAE, Ltd.

6.6.1 Company overview

6.6.2 Financial overview

6.6.3 Product portfolio

6.6.4 Business strategies

6.6.5 Recent developments

6.7 Education Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS)

6.7.1 Company overview

6.7.2 Financial overview

6.7.3 Product portfolio

6.7.4 Business strategies

6.7.5 Recent developments

6.8 Gaumard Scientific Company

6.8.1 Company overview

6.8.2 Financial overview

6.8.3 Product portfolio

6.8.4 Business strategies

6.8.5 Recent developments

6.9 Immersion Corporation

6.9.1 Company overview

6.9.2 Financial overview

6.9.3 Product portfolio

6.9.4 Business strategies

6.9.5 Recent developments

6.10 Ingmar Medical, Ltd.

6.10.1 Company overview

6.10.2 Financial overview

6.10.3 Product portfolio

6.10.4 Business strategies

6.10.5 Recent developments

6.11 Ingmar Medical, Ltd.

6.11.1 Company overview

6.11.2 Financial overview

6.11.3 Product portfolio

6.11.4 Business strategies

6.11.5 Recent developments

6.12 Kyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd.

6.12.1 Company overview

6.12.2 Financial overview

6.12.3 Product portfolio

6.12.4 Business strategies

6.12.5 Recent developments

7. Appendix

7.1. Abbreviations

7.2. Sources

7.3. Bibliography

7.4. Disclaimer

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