Telemedicine in Healthcare: Devices, Solutions, Usage Models, Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Education, e-health Services, Point-to-Point Connections - Growth, Trends and Forecast

Basic Healthcare is still out of reach for large segments of the population. In theAsia-pacific and Africa the situation is deteriorating rapidly. But with the increasing penetration of technology in this space, this oversight is set to corrected in the future. Healthcare organizations across the globe are now able to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using the latest in telecommunications technology. This practice, known as Telemedicine, offers numerous benefits as an alternative to traditional in-person medical care. This market is set to grow at a CAGR of 18.6% for the period (2017 - 2022).


1 AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc


3 Robert Bosch Healthcare

4 InTouch Technologies, Inc

5 Aerotol Medical Systems

6 Philips Healthcare

7 Alcatel-Lucent.

8 Cardiocom

9 Cisco

10 Honeywell Hommed.


1 SHL Telemedicine

2 LifeWatch AG.

3 Polycom

4 PhoneDOCTORx

1. Introduction

1.1 Research Methodology

1.2 Key Findings

1.3 Executive Summary

2. Current Market Trends

2.1 Market Overview

2.2 Technology Snapshot

2.3 Industry Usage

2.4 Factors Driving the Market

2.5 Factors Restraining the Market

2.6 Growth Prospects in Current Marketspace

2.7 Industry Value Chain Analysis

2.8 Industry Policies Guiding the Market

3 Market Insights

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Porter's Five Forces

3.3 Market Share by Regions

3.3.1 North America Analyst View

3.3.2 Asia Pacific Analyst View

3.3.3 Latin America Analyst View

3.3.4 Europe Analyst View

3.3.5 Rest of World Analyst View

3.4 Telemedicine - Company Profile, Products and Services of Key Vendors

3.4.1 AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc

3.4.2 IBM

3.4.3 Robert Bosch Healthcare

3.4.4 InTouch Technologies, Inc

3.4.5 Aerotol Medical Systems

3.4.6 Philips Healthcare

3.4.7 Alcatel-Lucent.

3.4.8 Cardiocom

3.4.9 Cisco

3.4.10 Honeywell Hommed.

3.5 The Challengers

3.5.1 SHL Telemedicine

3.5.2 LifeWatch AG.

3.5.3 Polycom

3.5.4 PhoneDOCTORx

4 Competitive Landscape

4.1 Buyer's Guide

4.2 Strategies

4.3 Innovation and Patents

4.4 Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

5 Road Ahead for Telemedicine Market

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