United States Cancer Biomarkers Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2017 - 2022)

United States leads the global market for Biomarkers. Growing at a robust compounded annual growth rate of 18.8% during the period (2017 - 2022), the global market is projected to touch US $63.2 billion.

Biomarkers are chemical, physical or biological parameters which can be used to indicate disease states. Oncology biomarkers offers high speed, non invasive cancer diagnosis and believe to enhance cancer detection and screening.

Major driving factors for the market are streamlined drug delivery process, noninvasive technology, increased rates of survival. Increase boost in government and private funding for oncology also fuels the market growth. Market is constrained by high cost of diagnosis, issues related to reimbursement and some of the regulatory policies which hinder the market growth. Government agencies such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have taken an active interest in the field.

United States biomarkers market is segmented based on type of applications, By service. United states Cancer Biomarker market is segmented based on Cancer biomarker discovery market , and cancer biomarker diagnostic market.

Some of the major players in this market are Biomoda, Inc, Clarient, Inc, Ambrilia Biopharma,Diadexus, Inc, Affymetrix, Inc and Aureon Laboratories, Inc.

What makes our report Unique?

1) A wide and in depth analysis of various applications, and services provided in Global Biomarker market as well as cancer biomarker market.

2) We provide longest possible market segmentation based on the type of cancers, applications of biomarkers( Risk assessment, disease diagnosis, drug formulation, forensic application) Services( Sample preparation, Assay development, biomarkers validation and testing)

3) We provide you a complete competitive landscape which includes major players in the market, mergers and acquisitions, Collaborations and new product launches.


1.1 Objective

1.2 Key findings and observations

1.3 Research methodology

1.4 Market stakeholders



3.1 Definition of the market

3.2 Market growth estimation

3.3 Market size estimation

3.4 Classification of Cancer biomakers

3.5 Technologies used in Identifying cancer biomakers

3.6 Market Dynamics

3.6.1 Market Drivers Non invasive technologies Increased survival rates Enhanced accuracy and Speed of diagnosis Streamlined drug delivery process Helps in FDA approval of drugs Boost in government and Private funds for biomarkers discovery

3.6.2 Market Restraints High cost of diagnosis Reimbursement issues Need for immediate processing

4 Biomarkers Indication Market

4.1 Oncology Biomarkers Market

4.2 Cardiology biomarkers market

4.3 Neurology biomarkers market

4.4 Others Indication Biomarkers Market

4.5 Disease types

4.6 Renal failure

4.7 Arthritis

4.8 Tuberculosis

4.9 Diabetes

5. North America market segmentation

5.1 Market segmentation, By type of applications

5.1.1 Risk Assesment

5.1.2 Devlopment of molecular diagnostics

5.1.3 Disese diagnosis

5.1.4 Drug discovery and development

5.1.5 Drug formulation

5.1.6 Forensic application

5.1.7 Others(DNA fingerprinting and others)

5.2 Market segmentation, By Services

5.2.1 Sample preparation

5.2.2 Assay developement

5.2.3 Biomakers validation and testing

5.3 Market segmentation, By Geography

5.3.1 North America US Canada

6. Cancer Biomarkers Market

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Oncology Biomarkers Market

6.3 Oncology biomarkers Discovery market

6.3.1 Genomics

6.3.2 Proteomics

6.3.3 Metabolomics

6.3.4 Transcriptomics

6.3.5 Other Omics

6.3.6 Imaging

6.4 Cancer Biomarkers Diagnostic Market

6.4.1 Immunohistochemical (IHC) tests

6.4.2 Molecular (DNA and genomic) diagnostic assays

6.4.3 Genetic and genomic markers

6.4.5 Proteomics

6.4.6 Flow cytometry

6.4.7 Stem cell markers

6.4.8 Monoclonal antibodies

6.4.9 Pharmacogenomics

6.4.10 DNA microarrays

6.4.11 IVD multivariate index assays (IVDMIA)

7. Competitive Landscape

7.1 Introduction

7.2 New product launches

7.3 Market strategies

7 .4 Agreements, Partnerships & expansion

7 .5 Mergers and Acquisitions

7.6 Market Share Analysis

8. Key Vendors In Market

8.1 Abbott Laboratories

8.2 Affymetrix Inc

8 .3 Agilent Technologies

8 .4 Analytical Technologies

8 .5 Analytical Biological

8 .6 Applied Neurosolutions, Inc

8.7 Bristol-Myers Squibb

8 .8 Genomic Health Inc.

8 .9 Merck & Co, Inc

8.10 Pfizer, Inc

9. Appendix

9 .1. Abbreviations

9 .2. Sources

9 .3. Bibliography

9 .4. Disclaimer

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